Business law of Russia

The section LEGAL REGULATION OF BUSINESS IN RUSSIA unites normative acts of Russia translated to English

I. Necessary for:

- creation, reorganization and elimination of enterprises,

- implementation of  entrepreneurial activity,

- organization the fabrication.

II. Controlling:

- creation, utilization and protection of intellectual property,

- release, registration and allocation of securities,

- problems of tax assessment and business accounting on enterprise,

- problems of property, rent relations,

-         common problems of regulation of external economic activity of enterprise.

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 Thematic glossary of normative acts

  1. Arbitrary process. Economic dispute
  1. Assurance and assurance activity
  1. Banking activities. Monetary circulation
  1. Book-entry accounting and finances
  1. Civil and commercial law
  1. Civil procedure (civil proceedings dispute)
  1. Criminal, criminal adjective law
  1. Customs legislation. Foreign economic activity
  1. International law
  1. Law of master and servant and social questions
  1. Legislation of administrative offence
  1. National economy branches
  1. Public law (national organization)
  1. Social and culture area
  1. Taxes and obligatory payments
  1. Wildlife conservation and nature management

Information system “Kodeks” possesses diverse retrieval facilities. One can use several paths to any information materials. Depending on the facing problem, you are able to choose an optimal way to solve it.

  1. Attributive retrieval by date, number, title and other attributes of the document 
  2. Intellectual retrieval 
  3. Retrieval through the topical tree

Attributive retrieval

Attributive retrieval is recommended in the following situations:

- when you more or less know what the documents or materials do you need, i.e. you know the meaning of their attributes or can reproduce their adequate contents;

- when you want to seek by a combination of different attributes.

After clicking the button “Attributive retrieval”, the window with the reduced list of searching attributes will appear on the section page. To receive searching window for the rest of attributes, please, press the button “Extended search”. If you like to seek through limited number of sections, press the button “Retrieval through additional sections”, and select only the sections, through which you are going to seek.

When a transparent retrieval through the entire or several sections of the data base is required, use an option “New search” in the menu “Search” or press the button “New search” in the tool panel.

Search meanings for each the attribute are available in the list of earlier optioned or in the offered dictionary, which could be disclosed by pressing “Scroll” button placed to the right of each query field.

Search meanings entered to the different query fields should be combined as optioned in a search task according to principle “or”, but entered to the same query field - according to principle “and”.

When completed a search query, press the button “Search”.


Intellectual retrieval

Intellectual retrieval could be recommended in the following situations:

- it is difficult for you to state the query exactly;

- you are not sure in the terms characterizing the problem of your interest;

- you want to retrieve maximum documents (materials), even though they are quite remote from the problem of your interest.

After search is completed, the system builds up found documents by descending scale of relativity to the contents of your query.

This type of retrieval is easy in use.

Press the button “Intellectual retrieval”.

When the command is completed, you will find out the window of dialogue. Press the button “Retrieval through additional sections”, and choose sections, which you are going to look through. Enter a search phrase into the empty field. Don’t think whether any word in your phrase is “noisy” and exists in the data base. The system will throw away automatically all noisy and unknown words.

For instance, your query is: “How to estimate a longevity for Armed Forces officers being discharged from the army”. Enter your query phrase into the line of query as following: “longevity of Armed Forces officers, being discharged from the army”.

To start the procedure of retrieval, press the button “Search”. In a certain time the list of found relevant documents, assorted by the descending scale of relativity to your query, will appear in the current data window.

The documents of higher relativity more likely possess useful information, so pay special attention to them.

When looking through the listed documents, please note that terms, included in the query, have been highlighted in the text.

To obtain the best results in the given type of retrieval, please use the following recommendations

Retrieval through the topical tree

Retrieval by the topical tree could be recommended in the following situations:

- you have to get the list of documents relevant to a certain subject;

- you have not clear idea about the problem or its limits, and you need to look through the topical titles of headings, afterward to select the relevant list of documents;

- you want to look through the topical comments to a certain subject.

To work with the topical classifier is quite easy: you follow titles of topics, after selected one interested, you open it while looking further subtopics of the given one.

To look through the comments to a certain topic, click the mouse on the label “Comments” in the lower part of the window.

After using the label “All topics” (“All headings”) you can move from a hierarchical structure of the classifier to an alphabetical one. In the obtained general list you can seek by the beginning of the title, typing sought contents directly on the keyboard.

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