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What Placester takes care of: All of which can be a real burden for the average real estate professional. Placester real estate websites are Word Press Websites that offer a backend CRM system, themes, IDX, and plugins that were built to work together seamlessly.

With integration to some of our favorite Web Applications, Like Follow Up Boss, Mail Chimp, and Social Media.

Placester also offers a CRM type system that stores all your leads, contacts, and real estate deals, along with any details you would like to record to remember the transaction.

In addition the CRM database syncs up with your Google account.

In a nutshell it is a very well thought out Real Estate Website building system that comprises of what they call the “Pro Tools” built on the extremely popular Word Press Platform.

Below are a sampling of 4 of their 11 themes: Placester Real Estate Websites has released the Phoenix Theme and the Sedona Theme: More specifically you can get a Word Press website that once it is set up you do not have to worry about or do anything other than, blog and pay your monthly bill.

Implementing the latest styles and techniques in a web design allows businesses to remain competitive and can have benefits in terms of marketing and SEO.

Staying on top of trends and using them in your own web designs can help keep a website relevant.

It is true you can have an IDX website setup in 5 minutes…One of the cons of using Placester for many agents is the limitations put on your site by Placester when they host your website.If you are the type that would like more control over what you can do to your website you may find it more advantageous to use the Placester IDX Word Press Plugin.Con: You have limited choices for Themes, Plugins, and IDX. Con: Does not offer an autoresponder or “drip” email campaign ability.Pro: Your IDX feed is not seperate and does not require a bunch of development to get it to match your site and offer a positive user experience.Con: The IDX feed does not have as much customization and features as some of the other providers.Placester Real Estate Websites with IDX are an affordable and low maintenance way to get started collecting leads, publishing content, building SEO, and increasing your web presence at just monthly.The 2 hosting companies I am currently recommending are: WPEngine and Siteground WPEngine is the Best Word Press Hosting company in my humble opinion. Incorporate your Logo (or chosen colors into the website) using the available custom CSS sheet 6.It is a little bit more expensive, so Siteground is a good cheaper alternative. Con: You are required to set up the site on your own. Requiring some extensive knowledge of both Word Press PHP, IDX, and CSS1. Integrate the IDX or MLS information into your website 7.If you are in Real Estate chances are you have heard about Placester Real Estate Websites with IDX.I saw them first on a Webinar and was impressed by what they had to offer.

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