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About whether Plushenko, the master of the quadruple rotation, was right to insult the manhood of his opponents who dared not perform the quad."Without the quadruple, I'm sorry, but it's not men," he had taunted. But if Plushenko was outwardly aggrieved, deep down he must have known that his performance had come up short.The famed 63-year-old bridal gown designer, who was linked to the 27-year-old figure skater in July 2012 after announcing her divorce from her husband of 23 years, opened up about the alleged relationship during an interview with Fern Mallis on Tuesday for 92Y – and Radar has the details.

“I hope for his ongoing life after sports.” When Mallis attempted to delve further into the drama, Wang stopped her short.

"The best restaurant doesn't offer only the best steak," he said.

"It also offers the best wine and the best vegetables." Even after the judges had had their say, the arguments raged.

And while Plushenko, the 2006 champion who came out of retirement to attempt to defend his title, threw down the gauntlet with a quad-triple combination just 19 seconds into his programme, there was a slight falter on a subsequent triple and a visible slowing down as his allotted 4½ minutes neared its conclusion.

It was Lysacek who had the more energy, the faster spins, the niftier footwork.

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