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Filter by using the drop-down boxes, to specify the year, month, province, competition, sanction level, and category/discipline. For a list of the Ottawa East Show Series (OESS), please see Ottawa East Show Series.Please note: the ‘ESD’ abbreviation means ‘Equestrian Skills Development ’.Unless you’re the reincarnated Dudley Moore or addicted to bizarre “Big Beautiful Women” sites, probably not.But whether or not you want to watch, that Waste of National Broadcast Airtime, the WNBA, is baaaack for yet another season, it’s sickest-I mean, sixth.

Other than that, most Americans are at parades and barbecues.That’s why TV sports programmers also picked this past weekend’s afternoons for other throwaway fillers like the NCAA women’s softball championships-also watched by less viewers than Osama bin Laden has camels. Confucius say: It’s the same sound as no-one watching these-sports’ silly bearded-lady sideshows.The ratings are so bad that several localities are not airing WNBA match-ups featuring their own home teams.Home Trust Bank is proud to support the United Way of Jefferson County, TN.On August 22, the United Way will be hosting the Parade of Tables Campaign Kickoff.How many slow-motion, instant replays of an overhead lay-up can you watch before you get a headache? Why are these “players” occupying my ESPN screen, when they can’t even beat the aging former male college and high school players against whom they practice?The shot-clock is six seconds longer than the 24-second NBA clock. There’s a WNBA “All-Star Game” with no stars, or even semi-stars, in it.Peck served as staff and then Chair of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at the Northern Navajo Medical Center in New Mexico.This experience sparked her interest in population health, and she returned to complete a General Preventive Medicine/Public Health residency at the California Department of Public Health. Peck then worked in local and state government overseeing maternal-child health and breast and cervical cancer early detection programs.For a list of all horse shows, go to the Equine Canada website.Select “Show Calendar” button, “Advanced Search” in the upper right corner.

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