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She was treated at a hospital for severe burns to her arms.Testimony at her trial, according to a Court of Appeals opinion upholding the convictions, revealed White "made a telephone call, on the night of the fire, to her sister-in-law.White's plan went awry almost immediately after she lit the fire near the family's Christmas tree on New Year's Eve."It went up so fast," she said.White claims she went to the Robersons' bedroom to alert them to the fire, then tried to help Carole Roberson get the children out of a bedroom window before she lost consciousness.In a 1999 ruling, the Court of Appeals noted, "at the time of White's conviction, inmates serving life sentences were not intended by the legislature to be included in those classes of inmates who could become eligible for parole." That means a clemency proceeding is the only alternative.Former Johnson County Prosecutor Dale "Charlie" Gantz did not respond to a request for comment about White's television interview or the new effort to free her.

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White was hysterical, and neighbors had to restrain her from trying to get back into the inferno.

The defendant was inquiring about a fire, which had occurred two days earlier, at her grandmother's home. It was less than four hours after the defendant had inquired about the fire at her grandmother's house that the Roberson home was in flames.

The arson investigators stated unequivocally that the Roberson fire was not accidental."Clemency pleas unsuccessful Nearly a dozen previous efforts to win White's release have been unsuccessful, Asher said.

As the company explains, it plans to take action against "all forms of hate," and that its mission is "positivity and inclusivity" -- it doesn't believe gamers will feel welcome if racists have a home in the app.

who violates its guidelines and terms of service -- racists who condone or participate in violence happen to be part of that group.

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