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It resides on a 16 MB file system and has access to a maximum of 32 MB of the system's memory.[1] While the System Software updates may sometimes provide updates to the system's firmware, it is unlikely that this occurs with many, if any, updates.The updates can be downloaded from the Xbox Live service directly to the Xbox 360 and subsequently installed.An external USB hard drive of any size (3.5" or 2.5") will work, but it must be formatted in FAT32. ***instructions on formatting*** ***discuss hard drive sleep*** File Transfer & Organization We need to be able to move files between our Computer, USB drive, and internal drive. To do this, I edit my file and change Content to XBLA. Then, we simply copy those files to the right location.

Xbox 360 system software (or Dashboard), is the updatable software and operating system for the Xbox 360.

Why not unapproved games and applications made by random hobbiest you never met on the internet? Decisions Now that your 360 is JTAGed, how do we make the most of it? You can replace it with a bigger off-the-shelf 2.5" drive, or keep your games on an external usb drive (3.5" or 2.5") plugged into one of the 360's USB ports. I recommend booting to freestyle via the DVD shortcut (or Xe Xmenu) first, then transfering the freestyle-hdd shortcut via FTP.

There's more than one way, and so we'll need to make a few decisions. If you're going to store your games on the hard drive, you're going to need a lot of space. Note As of now, you can't use title updates, DLCs or play Xbox 1 games without at least a small internal drive. Tour & Configure settings Run for first time, create fsdata wherever (FSD 1.x) Themes *Instructions- Source. Enable * Directories FSD will look for your games and applications in certain directories. 360 games go in a folder called "Games", applications in "Apps" or "Applications", Xbox 1 games in "Xbox1", and XBLA games go in "Content".

Play games off Hard drive MS lets us "install" games to the hard drive to speed up loading times, but we unnecessarily need the disc in the drive anyway as some sort of piracy check. Easy HDD replacement That hard drive that the 360 uses is a cheap off-the-shelf 2.5" laptop drive.

But by dipping it in MS goo, we've had to pay a premium to simply upgrade a few more gigabytes. Buy a cheap OEM 500GB drive and put it in yourself without problems.

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