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After a particularly bleak week on OKCupid and one too many glasses of wine one night, I found myself lured to the dark side of the dating world; paid dating sites! So once a day you check those and see if you like anyone.

There is a vicious urban legend going around that paid dating sites are the way to finding true love. I’ve found that often times most of my matches either A.

Super canned responses and everyone picks the same ones obvi.

But don’t worry there are still plenty of good matches out there”. Between the caliber of guys, the 25 years it takes to message someone, and the clunky annoying app that never seems to be working, I can safely say this site is the worst.At this point, if I get matched with anyone who DOESN’T look like Sloth from Goonies, then I start messaging them immediately.When you start a round of messaging with someone, they get moved to your “Communicating With” section. In all but a handful of cases, NOBODY has gotten back to me. It’s also slightly more expensive than (0 for 6 month), but I thought hey maybe only really, really awesome serious guys are going to pay this money for this site. While thinking “outside the box” is lovely and all, no way would I consider anyone that far away and/or that young. When half your matches are out of your match range, you tend to get a little pissy since you only get so many a day. I did like it’s interface better even though you had to answer about a zillion lame, pointless questions just to get started. Just to be cheeky it also likes to include people who are “out of your match range” aka they live in like Maine or are 22.How many times have you heard “So and so met their fiancée on”??? have not been active in the site in over a month or B. For the love of God, why would someone purposely not post a picture? jump out a window (jk).” Once your date answers those, you answer their questions and you move onto Round #2 which is the “Likes/Can’t Stand Section”.Or “If guys are willing to pay for a dating site, they must be more serious than guys who are not paying? That’s right, they wouldn’t so it means that they either don’t think they are attractive or just want to be lamely mysterious. So once you decide to message someone your first option is to follow the three-tiered system they have, which is complete bullshit. In this section you send your match things you like in guys and things you don’t. It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.But this guide was created to help you navigate your way through all those adjectives and shed the only light you’ll ever need on an otherwise confusing, strenuous experience.Sure, his redneck pompadour and puggish face may suggest the fattest, laziest fuck south of Raleigh-Durham, but tell your instincts to shut the hell up and assess the comedian for his whole: a sebaceous tower of Dixie-fried virility. — 16) Amy Winehouse Her undeniable talent helps mitigate her looks, sure, but more importantly, Amy Winehouse owns being a strung-out mess in a way nobody else has since the '70s.Whether playing a sad-sack sensei in , New York City's transsexual empress has stretched both the boundaries of gender and her own epidermis, thanks to oodles of elective surgeries. That's a pretty lively roster for a guy who once admitted, "I'm death on wheels, the way I look." Yes, Marilyn, death on wheels. With her labyrinth of hair, naked-girl tattoos and extremely public substance-abuse problem, she looks and acts the way the media wishes every star looked and acted.

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