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After going over to Australia, we saw it as an expense-paid vacation to have fun with all our friends. My whole goal since I was a kid was to ride motorcycles for a living.

Most of the guys on the tour are just really passionate about what they do, whether it’s scooters, big wheels or BMX. Let’s travel the world and do a live tour.” However, I always wanted to see the world.

As a needer of speed and lover of all things fast, I found her pretty cool, though she was unable to participate in Friday's show because of some serious injuries suffered in a September accident preparing for the tour.

During recent tryouts in California of the "slingshot," a new winch mechanism that enables performers on wheels to achieve high speed in little time going into a ramp, Van Vugt shattered her forehead, nose, eye socket, right arm and jaw.

It was at the First District AME Plaza (3801 Market St.), and comedian and human-rights activist Dick Gregory was the keynote speaker and recipient of the NAACP President's Award.

It’s hard to box motorcross star Travis Pastrana into one specific category.

Thanks to my buddy Steve Christini, owner of Philadelphia-based Christini All Wheel Drive motorcycles, I met backstage with Canadian-born Jolene Van Vugt, a/k/a "Nitro Girl," the first woman in history to ever backflip a dirt bike.

Whoopi did stand-up on Saturday and Cetera sang some Chicago hits yesterday.

* Friday was the NAACP Philly branch's annual awards gala.

We started developing a good relationship with them, and that got us on the network.

After being pretty successful there, it took us about two to three years to agree [to bringing the show on the road] because we weren’t sure there were that many people who were into what we’re into — or who believed that we could do it in such a confined area. Slowly, we found more people to join the crew, and now we’ve got 40 guys touring the world. Did you always envision Nitro Circus going on the road, or did the show’s success lead to how big it’s become now?

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