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" I also had 36 Posts on my video 10 minutes before it was posted...Long before the Employees began showing up to work the FBI was busting down doors and seizing computers.

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"Everyone Welcome" With the power of God behind me, I have finally left this legalistic "cult" like system, after spending nearly half of my life there.Of all the videos I have produced this one is attacked by the “CIA Trolls” the most. …g) Citric are - be careful as it is very powerful.We had over 80 Trolls hit this video in the last two months alone. Some Pure Cane Brown Sugar and Birch Wood Xylitol Sugar to harden their teeth is good. Both Citricare and Immusist maybe purchased at Vim and Vigor. This is my country and YOU have a RIGHT to reverse what these Vaccine Companies did to you.The other 200 became autistic the day they were vaccinated and all have Indigo Aura.All of the Autistic Children had, after the vaccinations: High levels of Mercury, Uranium, Nangalese (Destroys Nerve Cells), Malaria, Relapsing Fever (Mostly Lyme Disease), and a host of other diseases like Babesiosois, Erhlichiosis, etc.The arrests begin today - the Tribunals (Trials) of these “Paid Terrorists” will begin in late March. So now what do you do if your child was made autistic.First - Realize moms that YOU did not do this to your child. They were made Autistic by some really sick people who need to be thrown in jail for life.You would think this behavior limited to the school playground, but it is far worse than you could ever imagine, because it is the adults who are doing it, and it includes shaming those who violate the above rules.YOU MUST:* Attend All Services* Say The Lords Prayer Daily (no relationship building with God)* Be Baptized* Have Your Children Baptized in Infancy (so they can't choose for themselves later)* Have 2 Sets of God Parents (in case one fails like I did?I offer up daily thanks to have gotten "outtathere" with my brain still intact.I've been told that using the word "cult" is an extreme choice of words, yet it is the most obvious and self explanatory.

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