Stages relationship dating marriage

In this stage, love is an action and a feeling word.

No longer worried about losing the relationship, you can experience this type of love as safe, satisfying and passionate.

If you only believe in romantic love, your bubble will undoubtedly be burst in this stage.

You will begin to feel cheated, or that you “settled” for a partner who is not the person you fell in love with.

You know your own desires and wounds, and you choose to accept your partner’s desires and wounds in turn.

In other words, you have each other’s backs — for better or worse. Each stage of love is wrought with mistakes; the important thing is that the two of you commit to working through the mistakes and build safety together.

In actuality, this is when the real relationship story begins.

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It is in this stage where couples either make it or break it. Some relationships are ditched immediately, others endure bickering and unmet needs for many years.

They live for years with blame, resentment and hurt before they seek help.

Sometimes one partner is doing all the work to keep the relationship together and ultimately this strategy results in feeling depleted and frustrated.

Eventually the depleted partner will decide they are totally done, and their partner will be surprised when the relationship ends.

Some partners will step up to the plate and begin giving to the relationship when they realize they can no longer just take from it.

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