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Life expectancy of Russian women is about 75 years while men are expected to live to the age of 64. There are 86 men for 100 women in Russia in the total population, or about 11 million more women than men.This is the reason why lots of ladies from the countries of the former USSR look for men abroad.In 2015 the share of children, especially from the age of 8 to 15, was low. The share of females prevailed, especially after the age of 70 (766,159 women to 364,569 men).In 2020, the number of newborns is expected to decline. The most part of the population will be from 28 to 60.But chances are that you don't polish off 20 ounces of Russian vodka to yourself in a few hours and get home at 10 in the morning only to wake up the next afternoon to have a glass of vodka with your "morning" omelette. The first night we went out to a club I was talking with this russian chick and being very flirty back and forth with her.But her way of flirting was by continuing to slap me in the face over and over again in between making out.Gender breakdown in Russia is a serious problem the government has been trying to cope with for years.

Considering longevity, today’s statistics look more positive than it was in 1990s.

The good news is that life expectancy in Russia is predicted to increase.

There will be 728,619 men and 1,109,673 women aged 70, which is much higher than in 2000 (491,067 men and 859,870 women).

But at the same time, the population will be aging reflecting the birth rates in 2000-2008.

I want to be clear about my objectives of this trip. Intimidating bouncers all wear black ski masks as part of their theme.

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