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It is also important to point out that affective conditioning is most effective when you don't realize that it is happening.

That is, trying to pay less attention to the ads you see on TV and in magazines may actually make this type of advertising more effective.

If we have to make a choice, and one of the options just feels good to us, then we are likely to go with the one that feels good. Often, we feel good about something because we have had positive experiences with it in the past.

The problem is that we allow advertisers to have access to our mental world.

These researchers did two clever studies that ought to make us think twice about how much advertising we allow ourselves to be exposed to.

We usually assume that advertising functions mostly to tell us about the properties of a product.

How does awareness of advertising tactics affect choices?

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We believe that these properties are ones that will help us to choose the detergent we want to buy. One thing they do is to take a product and to put it next to lots of other things that we already feel positively about.

We turn on the television, and smiling faces on television try to sell us soup, toothpaste, candy, and politicians.

The reason that we accept all this advertising is that we assume that we can tune most of it out.

Before making a choice about the pens, though, some people did what they thought was an unrelated experiment in which they watched pictures on a screen that flashed quickly.

Some of these pictures paired the brand name of the pen that had the worse set of properties with a lot of positive items.

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