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Kaiba is often portrayed as a snobbish business tycoon with a condescending and conservative personality who shares a common contempt towards those he considers as inferior to him, whether socially, in the business world, or competitively towards a dueling opponent.He is slightly friendlier towards those he considers his competitive equals and more often than not as someone who softens up as the story goes on and less often than not as the villain of the story. In the two years since the Pharaoh left the living world, Kaiba and Mokuba are currently the only people left in Domino who know what happened due to everyone else either being in America or on vacation in China.

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The night before Ishizu and her brothers would go back to Egypt, Kaiba was given a vision by his previous incarnate, Seto.

The vision showed what his life would be like if he got together with Ishizu.

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