Sagittarius man and woman dating

At essence, both Libra and Sagittarius form a harmonious dance of soulmates.

It is getting there in the real, material, tangible world to that connection that presents the problem.

Sagittarius Man even has the real life experience and travel to back up his words, perhaps something that she has been wanting for herself most of her young life.His morals can stray too far into knowing it all and repel her sense of independence.Libra Woman also finds it hard to trust how many women he has around him.He has it all and more, and Libra Woman cannot help but admire him in private.A Libra Woman is intelligent, cunning and finds her most compelling streak in letting others guide her to her decisions.Their family life can be a very beautifully serene and decorated affair, building a home full of intellectual pursuits and daring adventure for many generations.Libra Woman and Sagittarius Man may suffer from the occasional temper tantrum and they may resolve that they have to spend more time in separate bedrooms, or separate houses or – worst case scenario – separate countries.It doesn’t fit in with her innocent damsel game to be seen competing for a man’s attention.It can work but, unlike the gender reversal of this pairing, there is a lot of room for miscommunication when the Sag is the male and Libra the female of this romance.They should not necessarily give into the temptation of thinking this unconventional way is a higher, more advanced way to deal with love.The problems surrounding this relationship are very mundane at heart, and need to be worked out with simpler communication and honesty to avoid deceiving themselves.

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