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A Romani patriarch, Florin Cioabă, ran afoul of Romanian authorities in late 2003 when he married off his youngest daughter, Ana-Maria at the age of twelve, well below the legal marriageable age.Bride kidnapping is thought to be a traditional Romani practice.Typically, Romani adopt given names that are common in the country of their residence.Seldom do modern Romani use traditional names from their own language, such as Papush, Luludi, Patrin, etc.Being the only Indo-Aryan language that has been spoken exclusively around Europe since the Middle Ages, speakers use many terms for their language.They generally refer to their language as řomani čhib translated as ‘the Romani language’, or řomanes, ‘in a Rom way’.Girls as young as twelve years old may be kidnapped for marriage to teenage boys.

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Romani social behaviour is strictly regulated by purity laws ("marime" or "marhime") respected by most Romanis and among Sinti groups by the elder generations.

Records cannot identify exactly why the Roma migrated from India; there are a number of possible motives, such as famine and military invasions on the part of Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE) and/or Mahmud of Ghazni (971-1030 CE).

The Romani people are today found in many countries.

Many of these practices are also present in Hindu cultures.

However, unlike the Hindu practice of burning the dead (There are burial in certain Hindu traditions as well), Romani culture requires that the dead must be buried.

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