Ray j dating 2016

But Ray J says he’s focused on the positive now, and wants to impart some of what he’s learned to the contestants on the show. That’s what’re learned and now I’m having a great relationship,” he says with a laugh.

“I am engaged now so I am focused on bigger things and being a one-woman man.

The first interview surfaced on You Tube Thursday under the title "Ray J's Doctor Diagnoses Kim Kardashian Smelly Na-Na" ... We're told the interview was recorded 8 years ago to accompany a book deal that was eventually canned. like Ray J talking about dating Whitney Houston at the time of her deadly overdose, which he wants to keep a lid on.

Ray J and his lawyer are giving the old biz partner -- Maxwell Billieon of Billieon Group -- until Monday to come forward and explain why he posted the material without Ray J's permission.

Love was reportedly charged with domestic abuse and battery.

A source told TMZ that Ray J has since bailed his girlfriend out of jail and got her a lawyer.

I think it’s good now that I’m in more of a positive space.

If I wasn’t engaged and I was the old Ray J, I’d probably be trying to hook myself up with the woman in the back of the love taxi.” Ray J says he advises contestants to compromise on their expectations for a potential love match. “Maybe he’s 6’2, has a four pack and is a lawyer.” As for wedding planning, he says he’s “taking it one day at a time.” “I’m letting her handle it,” says Ray J.

his lawyer just fired off a cease and desist letter to an old business partner he thinks might be leaking old, degrading interviews.

The singer told cops his girlfriend attacked him, which resulted in several cracked ribs, a busted lip and a torn ACL.

Someone allegedly heard her scream "I'm gonna kill you" at Ray J, but cops weren't called until a hotel security guard saw the singer bleeding, according to TMZ.

Ray J's girlfriend Princess Love was arrested in New Orleans after allegedly beating him up.

The incident apparently occurred last Wednesday when the "Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood" star returned home after spending the night at a strip club with TV producers, law enforcement told TMZ.

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