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A 15-year-old girl has died in Nepal's western Achram district after she was banished to a shed because she was menstruating, under an ancient Hindu practice that has been banned for more than a decade, police said. We suspect that she died of suffocation from the smoke of a fire she lit to keep herself warm," local district inspector Badri Prasad Dhakal told the AFP news agency on Monday.

Truwa's father told Nepalese newspaper My Republica that she had had an evening meal at around 6pm on Friday and went inside the shed to sleep.

Women who violate the practice are blamed for crop failures, illnesses and sudden deaths of animals.

There are previous reports of chhaupadi leading to deaths, attacks by wild animals, snakebites, diseases, rapes, poor mental health, and infants dying of pneumonia.

In the end, with a wife, you can be present at different meetings without worrying about that your baby will disgrace you and herself saying something stupid.

However, for some men, the presence of intelligence in woman plays a very important role, whereas for others – it is practically worthless, and in some cases may even be scare.

When it was late in the morning and she had not been seen, he gave her a call from outside.

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But although the country's Supreme Court banned practising chhaupadi in 2005, the custom dies hard.

"We have a legal ban but the law enforcement forces have not been strong about implementing it," she said.

"It is crucial for us to work to change the attitudes of the people and raise awareness against this practice.

Steadiness Docile and gentle nature, judgment and tact... Well, men do not like someone who constantly claims and complains against them.

Therefore, even if these claims are true, it is desirable that they were spoken kindly and without reproach.

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