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In some loose-leafs consolidated legislation makes up a significant portion of the publication.Given that this consolidated legislation can be found online for free, and with the added bonus of (generally) being more current than the text in the loose-leaf, a release that contains only legislative material is not considered a good use of money.The Original Integrating Resource Prepared by Rhonda K.Lawrence Head of Cataloging Hugh & Hazel Darling Law Library UCLA School of Law Los Angeles, California An official ALCTS program, presented jointly by ALCTS/SS/CSSC (Committee to Study Serials Cataloging) and ALCTS/CCS/CC: DA (Cataloging Committee: Description and Access)2002 ALA Annual Conference Monday, June 17, 200- p.m. 68-2017, August 10, 2017) This Tax Alert is issued to inform all concerned on the new venue for filing the application for Permit to Use (PTU) loose-leaf book of accounts/invoices/receipts and other accounting records.In line with the “ease of doing business”, the processing and issuance of the PTU loose-leaf books of accounts/invoices/receipts and other accounting records shall now be handled by the concerned Revenue District Office.These early loose-leaf services allowed legal publishers to produce up-to-date consolidations of legislation without having to reprint an entire book every time changes were made to the legislation.In the days before consolidated legislation was freely available, this was a truly valuable service.

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It should be kept in mind that not all loose-leaf updates are charged for on a per update basis.

The branch should, however, secure certified true copy from the RDO of the taxpayer’s head office.

For each additional branch, updating of the PTU loose-leaf is also required.

Georgia World Congress Center, Room A411Atlanta, Georgia1PER LCRI 1.0, consider that a new edition is involved whenever 1) there is an explicit indication of changes (including corrections) of content; or, 2) anything in the following areas or elements of areas differs from one bibliographic record to another: Basis of Description (2)Area based on first and/or last iterations4F. Areas based on all iterations and any other source7. Standard number and terms of availability22247: Former title or title variations Use to generate title added entry in addition to note547: Former title complexity note LCRI: Give a separate 547 “Title history” note only if the situation requires more explanation than can be given in the 247 field.53CAVEATExamples labeled “Description after 2002 Amendments” are examples of cataloging according to the 2002 amendments are implemented.

They are not to be construed as a recommendation to recatalog extant bibliographic records.79 Regulations volumes continued by Mertens federal tax regulations which consists of: regulations issued annually in softbound format; Regulations preambles; Proposed regulations preambles; Current developments and status table.

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