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“Two-Step” answers the age-old question of what happens when you combine HOT, country, dance tracks and hip-hop beats.

To answer this question even further, Laura Bell is also currently working a series of mix tapes with Nashville producer, David Huff.

Overall, listening to the album several times is an experience akin to witnessing the stage production first-hand, cutting no pink sugary corners away.

Often going by the nickname ‘LBB,’ she has also been called funny, sexy, ballsy, the Ambassador of Good Times, keeper of the bourbon, Kentucky Wildcat, mommy to the canine community, and of course, the Mayor of Crazy Town.

It's just sad to think that I won't be able to go to the Palace Theater to see them all at once! The reality is, there are very few shows that last this long on Broadway!

Debuting at age 9 in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular was the fuel to the fire.

The supporting cast, which consists mostly of newcomers Christian Borle, Orfeh, and others, brings awkward charm and supple tones to the cast recording, which thanks to the inclusion of dialogue during vamps, allows for the characters to seamlessly make the transition from stage to disc.

From start to finish, inspirational uplifting pop theatrics force the listener to hum along.

In addition to dominating Broadway stages, Laura Bell has also been spotted in front of the camera appearing on network television shows such as Cold Case, Veronica Mars, Home Improvement, “Becky” on How I Met Your Mother, Malibu Country, and a disgruntled teen “Marah Lewis” on GUIDING LIGHT.

Plus, you might also recognize her from her reoccurring role as “Shelby” on HART OF DIXIE, and Dr. Taking television to the big screen, Laura Bell’s film work includes DREAM GIRLS, JUMANJI, LIFE WITH MIKEY, THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN, CMT’s first original movie TO THE MAT, and a recent film, WATERCOLOR POSTCARDS.

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