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Feel free to comment if you are missing something, and who knows, maybe we’ll continue this list! “A few years ago hipsters of Athens used to gather at Kleitiou street. […] These bars love good music, clean alcoholic drinks and they make people want to stay until dawn!

” – Marilena Salamanou Dtox Hair Salon – Hipster hair salon “[…] In an old 50’s building on a typical skater square you’ll find this hipster place.

The best way to start the evening at kikais to have some bruschetta.” – Kwinten Lambrecht FYUL Breadstreet “FYUL Breadstreet originally caught my eye with its quirky décor.

The sign outside is adapted from an old roadwork sign, there are large windows which show a large section of one wall decorated with old doors as well as comfy sofas and funky mismatched furniture – it’s Hipster heaven.” – Fiona Diack Barbershop – Meet a collar of another color “What do rhinos, converse, puppy dog tails, prohibition, and skateboards have in common? Himself a mélange of New York hipster and Parisian funk […] Whether you kick it in classic All Stars, leather wing-tips, or Miu-Miu platforms, the Barbershop is a place that encourages you to unbutton your blue, white, or pink collar and share a tipple.” – Megan Warren Miejsce – Hipster hangout “Many artists and artistic types frequent here but beware you can walk by (Miejsce) easily and not notice it as there is no signage, just be on the lookout for white brick walls and colorful furniture.” – Grzegorz Ryzio Bi Ko Fe – A café with international soul “The owners of Bi Ko Fe are Stojan, Jure and Peter who know exactly how to run this artist-friendly place with international soul.

[…] Love Food Cafe also has veggie options like Portobello and Eggplant.

We have many more spots in many more cities that we could label “hipster”.

If your city is not listed it’s not because it doesn’t have any hipster spots, it’s just because we made an arbitrary selection.

Don’t forget to order the chopped raw steak and bone marrow, it is truly heavenly.” – Esteban Cordoba La Bicicleta – Coffee and cycling? “It’s not so weird that the hipster neighborhood of Malasaña has a pub-coffee-place-to-chat named “La Bicicleta” (the bike).

This bike oriented space is full of comfortable couches and armchairs.

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