Grand theft auto san andreas dating denise Kampung love chat

Go to the gym and ride the exercise bike until all fat is gone.

You'll probably need to exit and return to the gym every 5000 units so CJ doesn't get kicked out for too much exercise in 1 day.

I was running on foot and swimming between the gym sessions in a hope that muscle would start decreasing rapidly but nothing much happened. I'm planing to start a new game for girlfriend experience without any conditions. I'm sure next run would feel like freshly bought game as it will be played with different strategy.

Perhaps starting a new game from one of my old save game could solve the problem(as suggested by Ni Ss An_Bo Y).If you'd like to be more productive during this time then I suggest an oyster collection; this usually burns a lot of energy.The Paramedic mission in Montgomery is just about the same time required to start getting into a hunger issue unless you are very efficient at shortcuts to Dillimore.This is a good opportunity to go for a large In-a-Row bonus for the Taxi mission - lots of cash if you keep the streak going.Trucking missions are good for burning fat but they are also a bit risky.You don't want to save, eat, snack, date, or get busted or wasted while burning off extra fat or muscle.As far as Helena is concerned, there are FAQs and Guides available that specify which body type she prefers; I forget her preferences since I usually have the GF bonus fairly early - before CJ meets Denise.It worked perfectly as long as we wrote the whole dword on the global instead of just the last byte (which is the only reason the old PS2 cheat didn't fix the killed GFs).) Nothing happened she just dumped as usual and heart icon disappeared.Rescuing Denise will be pretty difficult to do without fiddling with the standard game elements - cheating, trainers, editing the save, or running a custom code, that sort of thing.The easiest fix would probably be San Andreas Control Center - a Trainer.

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