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Attention was paid to their appearances and fashion was important.The styles of clothing worn by our ancestors in their photographs are valuable clues in determining the time frame a photograph was taken.Create a research plan for identifying your unknown photographs just as you would for searching more traditional genealogy records. Enjoy these related posts: Please note that this post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you decide to purchase a product/service. Be assured I only recommend products/services that I use and think you would like too.Share your unidentified photographs in pertinent Facebook groups such as family groups, genealogical societies, or pages dedicated to specific counties.

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If you have trouble identifying the type yourself, a local photographer may be able to help.Knowing the time frame of a photograph can narrow down the possible candidates from your family tree.If you are unfamiliar with the fashions of your ancestors’ days, take time to learn more. Two such examples are include: Just like the style of clothing, the photograph’s subject’s hairstyle will provide information about the time period the photograph was taken. If children are in the photograph, the hairstyle can indicate the gender of the child. Was the photograph taken in front of the family home?Old family photographs are a treasured part of any family history.Many of them, unfortunately, do not come neatly labeled on the back with names, dates, people or places. Solving the mystery faces and places in your old family photographs requires knowledge of your family history, combined with good old fashioned detective work.Are those photographs thick “cardboard” or feel like metal?Determining the identity of your unknown photographs can be daunting, but it is possible. If so, pay attention to the other photographs as well. Are you wondering who the individual are and where they fit on your family tree? Do you have old family photographs in your possession that you know nothing about?Is your unknown photograph in an old family photo album? Often in family photo albums, the groupings of photos tend to be family groupings.Just as performing cluster genealogy can help break down your genealogy brick walls, determining the identity of others (either in the photograph or in the album) can provide valuable clues to identify your specific photograph.

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