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GDC policy defines this as “FRIENDS, EMPLOYERS, PASTORS, and OTHER RELATIONSHIPS THAT HAVE THE POTENTIAL FOR REHABILITATIVE SUPPORT.” • Is visitation a right? While it is important for every offender to maintain connections with and the support of family and friends during incarceration, the safety and security of staff, offenders and visitors are critical.

Therefore, visitation is a privilege afforded to offenders and should not be considered as a right. All visitors' vehicles will be parked in the facility's designated visitor parking lot. Visitors will not park in any of the restricted areas, which have been marked.

Visitation will be granted when all requested visitors' applications and verifying documents have been received, approved, and a notification sent to the inmate detailing his approved list. If all of the required documentation has not been received by the deadline, you must wait until the designated months for visitation list changes (May or November).

• I already completed all of this paperwork for another facility. If an inmate transfers from another facility, his approved visitation list remains as is.

All items brought into the facility by a visitor will be searched by officers assigned to the visitation area.

If correctional staff determine that there is reasonable suspicion of violations of department policies on contraband a more thorough search must be conducted.

No persons or pets will be left in vehicles parked in the parking lot on the facility’s grounds for any reason.

Visitors will be allowed to bring a maximum of twenty dollars (.00) in coins to be used for the vending machines.Those inmates will be given the opportunity to change their visitation lists in May and November.Requested visitors will have until the end of May or the end of November to turn in all the necessary documents to be considered for visitation privileges and will not be allowed to visit until everything has been received and approved.Funds from visitors for offenders will be accepted only through the mail.Musical instruments, radios, pets, cameras, or tape recorders will not be allowed in the visiting area. All visitors are subject to a preliminary search of their person by electronic surveillance instruments (metal detectors, etc.).Require the prospective visitor to change into appropriate attire; b.Ask the visitor to wear a cover-up such as a sweater, jacket, or other type of concealing garment during the visit; or c.• How many visitors can be classified as “Significant Relationship Visitor”?Each inmate is limited to two (2) significant relationship visitors.Visitors are required to present positive identification prior to their admission for visiting.A driver's license with picture, a picture identification card issued by the Department of Public Safety, or other acceptable photographic identification card will be required of all visitors age sixteen (16) and over.

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