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As for files, Google Docs will now feature the same "quick access" feature that predicts what files you might want to access in Drive.

I’m also dismayed to find that Naughty Boy69 is also unavailable. Two hours later my inbox is still ringing hollow – not a single response.

To be clear, Hangouts Chat is a totally separate and distinct service from Hangouts proper, which still lives in your Google mail inbox.

And while we'll forgive you for rolling your eyes at yet another chat service from Google (the number of different chat apps the company has built is legendary at this point), Hangouts Chat does offer something potentially valuable to companies using G Suite -- assuming they're not on Slack already.

The success of Slack has made it clear that more robust messaging apps than what the old Hangouts offered is important.

Google might not have an easy time convincing companies to change their workflows to accommodate Hangouts Chat, but getting new customers on board is another story.

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