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Through the muddled haze of alcohol, it slowly registered to me what she was wearing - practically nothing. | 25 Comments “I’m so glad humans don’t greet each other like our pets,” Tasha remarked.

Tasha was an accidental meet-up at my local Starbucks.

Read On Added: | Category: Exhibitionism | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,948 | Tags: exhibitionst dancing masturbation group sex dp | 5 Comments The seduction begins I was bored.

The first step of treading the new post-fucking-Sara-with-my-wife-watching world was to find out how Chelsea felt about what happened.

I could have called on the way home to find out, but I was too nervous. She was 5’5, in her early twenties with long blond hair. They were about as close to perfect as you could get.

John is a remarkable guy but this was really more than Mack expected. Mack’s head kept spinning around the idea of a Bull Shot with Mary.

He thought about he and John filling Mary with seed and Mary emptying...

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