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when calling DS methods through the Web SDK or one of our Mobile SDKs.

Please note that some methods, such as Schema, are supported only for server-side SDKs.

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We will send your DS account details to your personal email address.

A user may own multiple albums: this means that albums are directly associated with the owning user, making them "user related data".

A collection with any number of albums will be stored and associated with the owning user's UID.

An album contains many photos, but photos are not directly associated with the user, just "owned" by the album that contains them; this Note: Once you associate a DS data object with a user's UID, deleting said user's account using accounts.delete Account will also delete all Data Objects currently associated with that user within the Data Store.

Associating DS objects with a specific UID is a one-way operation*.*For security reasons, we apply restrictions on the usage of the DS from client side, i.e.

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