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Although the site Doctors Note Store sells "fake sick notes and medical certificates for workers in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom", they add that the "fakes are for 'novelty use only'".

"Prescription drugs" refers to Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 drugs.There have been discussions regarding whether it is okay to fire someone for submitting a fabricated medical certificates.In many cases, it is deemed wrong, such as in Australia where a bank officer was dismissed after handing in a forged certificate, which prompted a Fair Work Australia Commissioner to say they had a "continued lack of regard for the truth". In one case, a woman claimed she was "coerced into falsifying [a] medical certificate [which ultimately led to her being fired] because she was 'being bullied and treated unfairly' by two managers".While airman certificates are issued for life, the medical certificate expires and must be renewed periodically in order continue flying privileges.Sport pilots may use a valid state driver's license in place of a medical certificate, and glider and hot air balloon pilots are not required to obtain them.Schedule 6 / Poison – Substances with a moderate potential for causing harm, the extent of which can be reduced through the use of distinctive packaging with strong warnings and safety directions on the label.Schedule 7 / Dangerous Poison – Substances with a high potential for causing harm at low exposure and which require special precautions during manufacture, handling or use.These privileges may be withdrawn by order of the Minister responsible for the Act if a conviction is obtained or an opinion is formed that the pharmacist has acted irresponsibly in handling prescription drugs (Section 57 of the Schedule 2 / Pharmacy Medicine – Pharmacy and Medicine Sellers – Pharmacist advice should be available.Schedule 3 / Pharmacist Only Medicine – Pharmacy only – Expert advice is required on use of the drug - Pharmacist advice is required and a Pharmacist must take part in the sale Schedule 4 / Prescription Only Medicine – Professional diagnosis and monitoring is required – prescribed or supplied by a Medical Practitioner, Dentist or Veterinary Surgeon, Dispensed by pharmacist on prescription.The term aegrotat (abbreviated as aegrot) is used primarily in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations.In the context of British undergraduate degrees a student who is too ill to finish may be awarded an aegrotat degree if the student otherwise would have passed exams or other requirements.

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