Diane keaton dating 2016

She is an American film actress, director and producer.

She began her career on stage and made her screen debut in 1970.

A gentle observational drama set in New York, Ruth & Alex (called 5 Flights Up in the US) sees she and Morgan Freeman play the titular septuagenarian couple.

The plot will doubtless be familiar to anyone who has lived in a big metropolis for years; after four decades, they decide to sell up their Brooklyn apartment.

"My mother, she loved the arts and she was a collage artist," she says.

"We all did collages – cutting pictures out of magazines.

But in the wake of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and others, Keaton is convinced there's a market for films aimed at her generation. I love Amy Poehler but she's not in the movies enough. "I just like the way they make music now." Somehow, this isn't hard to believe.Her fourth, Annie Hall (1977), won her the Academy Award for Best Actress. Diane Keaton was in relationships with Keanu Reeves (2005), Warren Beatty (1978 – 1980), Edward Ruscha (1977), Al Pacino (1971 – 1991), Woody Allen (1970 – 1971) and Steve Jobs.Diane Keaton's new film sees her star opposite Morgan Freeman in New York-set drama 'Ruth & Alex'. A titan in the Seventies and Eighties, her work bestrode the era like few other actresses.I keep saying, 'We need to get an elevator, we have to get an elevator! But I do believe that you can be in love at any age."Keaton did adopt children – daughter Dexter (now 20) and son Duke (15) – late in life. "[It] changed my life and made it so much more meaningful," she says.' He's like, 'I don't know about that.'"True, this adaptation of the novel by Jill Ciment by veteran Richard Loncraine is hardly likely to bring in the 18-25 demographic. If she has a regret, it's over her directing career. I would like to try, but I think I'd have to find the right smaller movie for me." Have there been other chances? "It's given me a purpose other than myself, which is really nice." It's doubtless what keeps Keaton's spirit playful.Keaton is amazed that the 79-year-old Allen is still working. He's had more power over his movies than anyone for a longer amount of time than anyone.He's a miracle."While Keaton's workload may not be as rigorous as Allen's, she hasn't stopped acting. "I had some low points after a couple of bombs." True, the past two decades haven't been quite as fruitful as her past glories, with films like Beatty's bomb Town & Country, the Robert De Niro-stinker The Big Wedding and this year's Michael Douglas straight-to-video effort And So It Goes."I'd like to work with somebody like David Fincher once in my life," she sighs.Her latest film is rather more in Keaton's recent wheelhouse than working with the maverick Gone Girl director Fincher.Keaton is more than au fait with the up-and-coming Hollywood starlets of today. Can you spot Diane Keaton on the annual Vanity Fair Hollywood cover?

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