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Inspired, he takes his body armor to the garage, where he listens to a police radio while he spray paints the image of his skull on the armor.Back at Murdock’s apartment, Natchios and Murdock prepare to look for Yoshioka when Murdock’s phone rings. He reports that Mahoney has been roughed up by people looking for information on Daredevil.Inside, the Hand discover Barrett’s location device and begin to take a knife to his ankle to remove it, when Daredevil crashes into the room and stops them.He is able to free all the hostages, taking a moment to ask Page if she is all right before hurrying her out of the room.At the same time, Frank Castle returns to his home, which he has not been in since his family’s deaths.

MAIN CAST Charlie Cox (Stardust) Deborah Ann Woll (Ruby Sparks) Elden Henson (The Buttefly Effect) Jon Bernthal (World Trade Center) Élodie Yung (Gods of Egypt) GUEST CAST Scott Glenn (The Silence of The Lambs) Rob Morgan (Pariah) Carrie-Anne Moss (Jessica Jones) Peter Shinkoda (Masked Rider) Royce Johnson (Jessica Jones) Nobu Yoshioka plans to lure Daredevil into a trap by abducting twenty people Daredevil has either brought to justice or saved from harm.

Panicking, he tells Natchios that he can’t block out the extraneous noise.

Natchios talks him through blocking out every sound that isn’t relevant so that he can find the prisoners, especially Page.

At a restaurant, Jeri Hogarth offers Foggy Nelson a job, suggesting that should he play his cards right, he could be made partner.

He is stunned by the starting salary, and intrigued when Hogarth says there is a future in defending vigilantes.

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