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Though the trio met Avi and Kevin the day before season 3 auditions, they were beyond impressive and won the show. While the official PTX You Tube channel has over 14.0 million subscribers, Superfruit boasts a following of more than 2.5 million.Superfruit differs from Pentatonix in that they don’t stick to a cappella.Barry and Rachel split up once again when Barry chooses to marry Mindy.Barry marries Mindy in the season two finale, "The One With Barry and Mindy's Wedding", where Rachel makes an appearance as one of Mindy's bridesmaids.

Rachel has Phoebe give Paolo a massage, but when Paolo makes a pass at her, Rachel breaks up with him.Barry Farber was engaged to Rachel in 1994, but Rachel leaves him at the altar when she realizes she doesn't love him after finding herself more turned on by a gravy boat.Barry and Rachel briefly reconcile towards the end of season one after the former announces his engagement to Mindy Hunter.Hoying and Grassi are both gay and proudly support the LGBTQ community.The pair often get handsy and cute with each other which made a lot of PTX fans ask if they are dating. But in a Twitter Q&A video they posted on Superfruit last year, one fan asked if they were dating.Pentatonix ushered in the holidays with their NBC special, A Very Pentatonix Christmas on November 27.The quintet became an a cappella sensation when Scott Hoying brought the group together.They produce covers and medleys using instruments and electronic music equipment.But their videos are most popular for their humorous vlogs, which often feature appearances from fellow You Tubers and personalities like Miranda Sings and Maisie Williams.In season two, after Rachel finds out Ross is dating Julie, heartbroken and drunk, she has a one night stand with Paolo, but it doesn't amount to anything further than that.Main Article: Ross and Rachel In "The One With Russ", Rachel dates a man named Russ, who to the bewilderment of her friends looks and acts eerily similar to Ross.

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