Dating trifari jewelry marks

After 1955, the copyright law was changed to include jewelry designs.After that time, jewelry companies no longer had to patent their designs.Alfred Philippe remained as Trifari’s head designer until his retirement in 1968, and his wonderful patented designs can still be found today among Trifari vintage jewelry sellers and collectors.For more information about vintage jewelry patents, see this article: Vintage Jewelry Patents: Find and Use them to Date Vintage Jewelry Prior to 1955, the top jewelry designers patented their designs to protect them from other jewelry companies who might copy their designs.All new pieces were mass produced overseas with Trifari cards.These are not vintage and should be listed as "Fashion Jewelry," but many uneducated sellers list them as "Vintage." If you see a listing that claims a piece is an "Unsigned vintage Trifari" it is either a newer (lesser quality) Trifari manufactured overseas or it is NOT Trifari at all.

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If your jewelry has a patent number, you can easily search for it on the Google Patents site here: Google Patents. Designs were usually produced for several years, so the patent date provides an approximate age for the jewelry.

Philippe’s background designing very high end fine jewelry for firms like Cartier and Van Cleef and Arples brought a wonderful sense of luxury and style to the company.

The designs he created for Trifari vintage jewelry have the style and glamour of fine jewelry and were very popular.

For a more detailed look at Trifari vintage jewelry marks, check out the guide here: My Classic Jewelry Trifari Vintage Jewelry Marks Guide Once you have a date range for your Trifari vintage jewelry, the next step is to research designs and determine the approximate value.

With patented designs you can search for listings with “patent” or “pat” in the title to find similar pieces and price ranges.

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