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In fact, in 2001, 41% of the overall African ethnic community in Canada lived in Toronto.

That year, those who indicated they had African ethnic origins made up 3% of the populations in both Toronto and Halifax, while they made up 2% of all those living in Montreal and 1% of those in each of Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa.

That year, 59% of all Canadians of African descent lived in Ontario, 17%, resided in Quebec, 8%, made British Columbia their home, and another 8% resided in Alberta.

Overall, there were almost 175,000 people of African origin living in Ontario in 2001, while there almost 50,000 in Quebec, 25,000 in British Columbia and 23,000 in Alberta.

In 2001, 34% of Africans were in this age category, compared with 31% of those in the overall population.

About half of the African population, 51% in 2001, reported they were either Black or simply African, while 11% were Somali, 6% were South African, 6% were from Ghana and 5% were Ethiopian.

Similarly, 17% of African people, versus 13% of the overall population, were aged 15 to 24.

Africans are also more likely than those in the overall population to be in the prime working age range, between the ages of 25 and 44.

In 2001, just over half (53%) of all people with African ethnic origins living in Canada in 2001 was an immigrant, compared with 18% of the overall population.

As well, the majority of African immigrants living in Canada today are relatively recent arrivals.

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