Dating game bloopers

Please accept my apology and understand that the reference to other admirers was entirely fictional and the term “schnooky-pootsy” is actually highly technical and refers to a little-known passage in Tibetan poetry. The aforementioned note was meant to amuse a friend who is in the hospital and lives for small moments of humor. Happily, the guy thought it was funny and I lived beyond the humiliation.

The moral of the story: fast-forwarding is only good for DVRs. was planning a party with her boyfriend and two other couples.

She soon found out why it didn’t come to her: one of the couples routinely referred to her as “Carrie, the ______” (use your imagination here and fill in a derogatory term).

Maybe it shows a famous politician singing a ridiculous song, or it’s a cartoon involving a bunch of drunken flies.

Humor is definitely an important element to a relationship, but you just never know when someone’s funny bone might break.

If you happen to send an off-color, vulgar, political or religious satire via email and you hear crickets in response, you’re in trouble.

Lesson learned: You can just imagine what happened next. But the moral of the story is, when forwarding email threads, you may want to do some cutting and deleting before hitting send.

It can save you from all kinds of difficult explanations and tense situations.

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