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Bonnie Henrickson served as head coach from 2004 to 2015, until she was fired in March 2015. The football team has had notable alumni including Gale Sayers, a two-time All-American who later enjoyed an injury-shortened yet Hall of Fame career with the Chicago Bears; John Riggins, another Pro Football Hall of Famer and Super Bowl XVII MVP with the Washington Redskins; Pro Football Hall of Famer for the Cleveland Browns, Mike Mc Cormack; plus John Hadl, Curtis Mc Clinton, Dana Stubblefield, Bobby Douglass, and Nolan Cromwell.The Jayhawks have appeared three times in the Orange Bowl: 1948, 19.The link between the term "Jayhawkers" and any specific kind of mythical bird, if it ever existed, had been lost or at least obscured by the time KU's bird mascot was invented in 1912.The originator of the bird mascot, Henry Maloy, struggled for over two years to create a pictorial symbol for the team, until hitting upon the bird idea. Maloy, "the term ‘jayhawk’ in the school yell was a verb and the term ‘jayhawkers’ was the noun." KU's current Jayhawk tradition largely springs from Frank W. In his 1926 address on the origin of the Jayhawk, Blackmar specifically referenced the blue jay and sparrow hawk.The term came to be applied to people or items related to Kansas.

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KU athletic teams have won thirteen NCAA Division I championships: five in men's basketball, one in men's cross country, three in men's indoor track and field, three in men's outdoor track and field, and one in women's outdoor track and field.

They used many different independent mascots, including a pig.

Eventually, sometime during the 1890s, the team was referred to as the Jayhawkers by the student body.

On December 5, 2014, David Beaty was announced as the next head football coach.

Kansas baseball began in 1880 and has produced notable players such as Bob Allison and Steve Renko.

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