Dating and marriage rituals in uganda

Traditionally the two groups lived in harmony with barter exchanges where the Bahima acquired food stuffs and local brew from the Bairu acquired cattle products form the Bahima.Regarding the marriages, traditionally among the Banyankole, the couple would even reach the wedding day without knowing each other.The boy and the girl’s parents would organize the marriage for their children.The initiative was taken by the groom’s family and would send the envoy to learn more about the girl’s family.At the wedding ceremony, the girl who would actually be wild to go to the groom’s family, would be accompanied by her paternal Auntie who had a mission of ascertaining whether the two children were functioning properly in terms of sex and introducing the daughter to new family.Though shallow traditionists assert that the auntie would have sex with the groom to prove his manhood, it cannot be substantiated as at times the auntie would be an elderly person even of a similar age as that of the groom’s mum.From there, the bride wealth would be agreed upon and the cows are the commonly used.

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The auntie would also help the daughter on how to begin the home as the girl was supposed to a virgin.

This was and still a challenging moment as the both sides do not want to lose.

The bride’s family want to take the best while the groom’s family want to remain with their best and as a result it is a real war.

The Banyankore belong to the Bantu group and they inhabit the greater part of the south western region of Uganda comprising of districts of Kiruhura, Mbarara, Isingiro, Ntungamo, greater Bushenyi and the inhabitants of Rukungiri called the Banyarujumbura share the same traditions.

The name Ankole arouse from the Nkore Kingdom which was expanded by the British Colonialists to incorporate other smaller Kingdoms of Mporororo, Igara, Buhweju and Sheema.

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