Dating addictive personality

The first key for me was trying to design Bumble and Tinder profiles that encourages dumb guys to swipe left.

If I’m seeking a dating life where I am fairly assured that even dates that “go nowhere” are worth the time I’m giving them, the man I’m making conversation with needs to bring above-average conversational skills to the table.

Believe it or not, Aquarius does have the occasional need for solitude, but it won't last more than a fleeting micro-second.

He thrives on the energy found in the dynamics of group activities.

Preferably work that I don’t know a lot about, so I can learn a little something about a new industry, and hear why it lights a fire in them. At the moment, long-term potential is not part of the rubric, and something that escalates toward exclusivity is the last thing I’m looking for.I’m looking for men who I can spend time with regularly, who improve the time I spend with them.Even if the eventual point of the meet-up is to determine that he’s not a serial killer so I can take him home for an evening of sex, I want to enjoy the talking part on its own merits.Intellectual connection is a major component of chemistry for me.And even if I’m meeting them ultimately for sexual encounters, all of these traits inevitably point to their talents in the bedroom.My hypothesis is that hot dumb guys are bad in bed.Ideally, I’d like to find a number of men who are good personality matches, compatible conversational and sexual partners.It’s been fascinating to clarify this for myself and then try to strategize on how to find them as easily and mindfully as possible.Smart, well-spoken, curious, average-looking men in their 30s have (so far) proven to be my most enjoyable sexual partners.More to come as I continue to test this hypothesis.

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