Dating a guy with roommates

i tried to reason with her that times are tough and his living arrangement should not be the deal breaker, but to no avail.she's thinking about the future, blah, blah, blah..i talked to my media naranja, and she understands and even agrees with my friend's decision.I have experienced this first hand and would like to know what others think about this.I am currently living with a roommate who happens to be male. I have found that alot of men are intimidated and guarded when it comes to this i'm clearly annoyed by this and wanted to see if yelpers feel the same way.

Maybe it's a combination of being "one of the guys" & the fact that I'm just unusually trusting ~ if someone says they're NOT screwing around with someone, I'll believe them (until evidence proves differently).

If anyone where to come over to the house they would see exactly what I am talking about. We became friends shortly after I moved to a new town; about 4 months later, he needed a place to stay.

Does it boil down to men can't trust women that have male friends and vise versa? I knew he had ulterior-motives when he moved in, but I was in a tough spot financially.

Sorry, TT ~ single-people-need-their-own-place; circumstances don't always allow that.

Out of the 21 yrs I've been out of the nest, I've spent 14 of them maintaining my own apartment.

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