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My big mare was the only one in her barn an old milking shed I believe.I was about thirteen and getting well into puberty and tired of my hand or humping pillows.I had heard the stories of farm boys fucking cows and goats and things but never knew if anyone really did.The thought began to captivate my mind but I was always afraid to do anything.I moved it around in that and then began to pull up and push in.

I could hardly breathe as I pulled out and gently stepped down to the side and began petting her again.

Finally I quit and my cock was so hard I thought I might black out.

I went to the side of the manger and grabbed two metal milk crates and stacked one upon the other right up against her back legs. I slowly climbed up behind her talking to her and petting her all the way.

I was afraid to drop my drawers in case she started acting up. Then I finally bumped up against her puffy pussy lips. I couldn't stop if I wanted to so I began pushing against her.

It felt a little tough and rubbery at first and then my dick head slipped into the moisture which had gathered at the bottom of her pussy.

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