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The amount of money they receive is dictated by a fluctuating exchange rate set by, but 40,000 virtual gifts can be worth in the region of £150 — an incentive to win as many viewers as possible.

The app’s homepage contains pictures of wholesome-looking teenagers blowing bubbles or skateboarding, and is festooned with love-hearts and pandas.

But my 13-year-old son and his friends idolise him.

Middleton and countless others like him (another hugely popular and well-paid group are The Sidemen, who focus on computer football games and who regularly fill Wembley with crowds of enthusiastic fans) have spawned armies of wannabes who are very open to sharing their lives online.

A teenage girl, just 14 according to her profile, sits in her kitchen in her blue school uniform. I need to go and do my homework.’Another British girl, 13, describes herself as ‘beautiful and sexy’.

She is filming herself on her smartphone, broadcasting live to an invisible audience of 100-plus strangers. It’s after school on a Wednesday afternoon, and she sits in her bedroom, brushing her hair and talking into the camera over the course of a few hours.

We revealed that almost 200 paedophiles were arrested in just one week for the specific offence of grooming children, some still of primary-school age, via live-streaming apps including

In what is becoming an increasingly common tactic, the abusers posed as children to lure their victims into trusting them before asking leading sexual questions, urging them to act provocatively, or to take off their clothes — often with the promise of a reward.

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For many people, live streaming may seem like a rather strange thing to do with your spare time.

Fairy lights are twinkling, and music — a highly explicit rap track — is playing in the background.

She dances and strikes poses, tossing her long hair and gyrating her hips.

There are voices in the background, laughing and joking.‘Can you show me your feet, please? Later on, by now towards evening, yet another girl, a tiny bit older, sits alone at her desk in her bedroom.

She is wearing glasses, a small white camisole and dressing gown, and has dyed red hair.

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