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Claiming Child Benefit will help you protect your State Pension.

If you’re off work looking after your child and not paying National Insurance, claiming Child Benefit will ensure you get credits towards your State Pension.

You could get Child Benefit while you're working abroad so long as just before you were posted abroad you were either: It doesn't matter whether your child goes with you or stays in the UK.

You can also qualify if you have children aged 16 to 19 studying in sixth form or further education college.

Tax credits are payments from the government straight into your bank account.

Many people become eligible for tax credits when they have a baby. There are two types – Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit – and with a new baby you might be eligible for one or both.

If your child starts paid work for 24 hours or more a week and is no longer in approved education or training, your Child Benefit will stop.

The same applies if your child starts an apprenticeship or starts receiving certain benefits in their own right.

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