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It's an apt locale: a high-end high-rise on a new street that doesn't yet exist on GPS.

The area seems desolate, but the surrounding construction means this building won't be alone for long. "This mixtape is a story dating back to January," Drake explains. I have a song for Houston because that's where I met Wayne, and I have stuff about women that I went through and the climactic ending is where we are now.

He is rarely out of the headlines, whether it’s for dating Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez, founding his own label, OVO Sound, or fronting the NBA’s Toronto Raptors as the team's global ambassador.The perennially popular high-school soap is a hit in Canada and a pandemonium-causing cult sensation down south.("There are very few subtle which Kanye West posted on his popular blog, he even boasts of having "a decent set of manners." Sure, he summered in hardscrabble Memphis with his music-veteran father after his parents divorced when he was 5, but the school year was spent with his Jewish mother in Toronto's well-heeled Forest Hill. I never got caught up in the whole Forest Hill thing, but I also never was like, 'oh, I want to be hood.' It was a good balance, I got to see both sides of life," he says.He'd been on the road for weeks with his mega-selling mentor Lil Wayne, and when the tour hit New Orleans, everyone stuck around for an extra night of gambling.Echoing his musical luck as of late, Drake, former star of , he chose instead to gather friends for dinner and make a late-night trip to his barber, before heading to Montreal for his next show.It's just me chasing all these things, chasing success, money and love," says Drake, adding it's also a test-run for his debut album, , the first song Drake ever sang on.Sending it out into the Internet ether, it took on a life of its own: Wayne remixed it, Stevie Wonder's daughter told Drake her dad uses it to warm up his for shows and You Tube is filled with non-famous fans singing along to it.His father, Dennis Graham, was a drummer for the legendary rock'n' roll star Jerry Lee Lewis.An uncle, Larry Graham, played bass for Sly and the Family Stone.We look so different, but, y'know, young angel, young lion." They've since collaborated on 15 tracks, including the online burner , and Wayne's co-sign sent Drake's Stateside rep soaring.But he comes by his superstar associations honestly.

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