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Salsa evolved as a fusion of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances.

However, a large part of the dance originated in the island of Cuba.

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On the count of four, he will pause or tap his right foot.In essence, the Salsa dance is no more than a front and back step with your partner but with a sway to it.It's a partnership dance but with many 'shine steps' that can be executed individually.Salsa dance couples do not travel much over the dance floor but rather occupy a fixed area, making it a slot or spot dance.TYPE OF MUSICThe music of salsa is a mix of traditional Cuban, African and Latin American rhythms.HISTORYThe term 'Salsa' was derived from the Spanish word for '"sauce" which is apt for the nature of such dance.It is a combination of multiple cultures and creativity of different persons.It has an eight-beat pattern that recurs, with two bars of four beats.Salsa's music involves complex percussion rhythms with around 180 beats per minute.On counts 5, 6 and 7, he steps using right, left, right respectively. As for his partner, she initiates the same role but the movements are shifted by four beats.When the male dancer's left foot is forward, his partner's right foot is backward.

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