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In September 2006, Adam sells his 40% to Liam Connor (Rob James-Collier).Liam's older brother, Paul (Sean Gallagher), purchases the remaining 60% in January 2007.Adam begins dating shy factory worker Joanne Jackson (Zaraah Abrahams) after they flirt at his birthday party.Adam was devastated when Mike died of a heart attack.Adam Barlow is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera, Coronation Street, played by actor Sam Robertson.He made his first appearance on-screen on 14 January 2001.Adam was played by Iain de Caestecker from the character's first appearance in 2001 until 21 July 2003 with Robertson taking over the role from 31 December 2004 until 20 April 2007.Robertson reprised the role in 2016 and made his return on screen on 16 November 2016.

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He, Peter and his step-aunt, Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), visit Ken in hospital.His other work includes Radio Flyer (1992), From the Earth to the Moon (1998), The X-Files (Knowle Rohrer), Smoke Jumpers (1996), The Cape, Men in Black: The Series, Stargate SG-1, Angel, The Inside, NCIS and the 2005 remake of The Poseidon Adventure.He also starred in the ABC series Day Break as Chad Shelten in 2006.Let's pretend if gay marriage were legal coast to coast, we'd just have all of these fathers and sons getting hitched 24/7. If you want to stand for injustice and publicly offended countless numbers of your fans, than that's YOUR right.You're saying that because a select few people would attempt to break the law, that's enough reason to strip the rights away from individuals who abide by the law? Tweet all you want, but the majority of parents in this country don't want to marry their children, they want their children to marry the person they love!Ch-ch-check out his online rant: Baldwin also tweeted a link to an article arguing that parent-child marriages would be right around the corner if gay marriages became legal.K, real quick, since we don't feel like wasting our breath on such a silly nonissue. No, fathers will not start marrying their sons in order to avoid paying their taxes. Because show us all of these fathers and daughters and mothers and sons getting married so they can cheat the system?? Second, let's just say that was going to be an issue.Joanne later dumps Adam by text message, after not seeing him for months.Adam leaves Weatherfield in April and moves to Portsmouth with his uncle, Peter, where they open a bookies together.He works at his father's factory, Underworld, and irritates his older half-brother, Danny Baldwin (Bradley Walsh), by being the apple of his father's eye.He is dumped by ambitious Candice via letter, has a short fling with Kelly Crabtree (Tupele Dorgu), and has a crush on Sarah Platt (Tina O'Brien) when he first returns to Weatherfield.

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